Now’s state-of-the-art finishes combine natural oils and chemical additives help the end dry quicker and leave a tougher surface. There are oil finishes available which do not incorporate any VOCs.

If you’d like the most natural looking wood floor, an oil finish is your very best choice. Since the oil actually penetrates the ground and then hardens, oil finishes wont show small scrapes or dings the whardwood-flooring-types-woodexotic-hardwood-flooring-kinds-soluspace-wyxfvdpnay a floor with a urethane finish will.

Other finishes only permit the ground to breath in the areas along the edge. But the natural oil finish allows the whole floor breathe. That means a petroleum finished floor may not ever have to be sanded, if it’s properly cared for.

If you live in the Chelsea Area one of our flooring consultants will be delighted to help you make a smart choice about oil flooring finishes.

You also need to review the parts of the website that cover types of flooring ways to install, and maintain and restore your flooring.

Discover the best way TipTop Flooring will help you get the most out of your flooring investment. Should you possess a query, we’ll be delighted to answer it. When you’re prepared to schedule an appointment, we’ll be prepared to assist.

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