Why Grey Is The New Black In Wood Flooring

lodge-pine-old-grey_lifestyleWood colored might have been mild, mid or dark century, but either way it was going to be a color of brown. Those days have gone and you’ll be able to find hardwood floors in just about any color you desire.

In the last couple of decades, white and black wood floors have grown tremendously in popularity. Letting an authentic monochrome look which lends itself to the introduction of daring colours or some bit of gray or beige, monochrome wood floors is truly attractive.

But many people are frightened of trying to find white timber flooring since they imagine they’ll end up running around with a mop all the time, so they plump for black timber flooring in the hope that it will hide the dirt. While black wood flooring is a stunning flooring option, not everyone has the confidence to go this way. This might be because they believe they’ll tire of it or that it may look outdated in a short period of time. Either way there’s the perfect half-way house that you can choose.

Grey hardwood floors is a fairly new kid on the block and is the ideal wood flooring option for anyone who’s wary of white or frightened by black. Yes, grey wood floors is the new black!

Offered in a whole range of colour and finish choices, at Floor Sanding Chelsea we have what we believe to be a stunning range of gray wood flooring. Here are some of our favorites:

Natural engineered oak spring gray wood flooring that has been hardwax oiled. This gray engineered wood flooring is ideal for every room in the house and may even be used over under floor heating. It’s also budget price, which makes it a great solution for anyone who doesn’t have a fortune to invest. The great thing about this grey wood floors is that though it clearly has a gray tone, in certain lighting it looks like natural color wood colouring so there is no possibility that you’ll tire of it. Perfectly suited to making a fashionable sofa, dining room or bedroom setting, this option will do the job equally well in kitchens and bathrooms, so it actually deserves a space on your shortlist should you be seeking out a stylish and attractive grey wood floor alternative.

If you’re eager to get an actual grey look for your wood floor at a fantastic price, this option’s for you. Again a solution that is suited to each room in the house, in addition to for installation over under floor heating, this timber floor oozes class and style. What is more, with a UV oiled end, it is perfectly suited to chambers that are exposed to powerful or regular sunlight. The UV filter from the finish won’t only protect your floor from evaporating, but it’ll also keep it looking great for longer.

Prime engineered oak metal gray brushed and UV lacquered. This gray wood flooring alternative is the supreme when it comes to embracing’gray’ on your inside. With a solidly employed’metal’ finish combined with the lacquer, this flooring option truly shouts modern and up to the moment. Suited through the house and over under floor heating, this floor option is as practical as it is stylish. The lacquered finish adds itself to high or heavy footfall and the UV filter ensures that even strong sunlight won’t fade or stage this flooring. So in case you want a true, almost gunmetal look in almost any room in your house, this can be the choice for you. Offered at a price that won’t break the bank to boot up; if you want something different, this one’s worth considering.

When it comes to bringing the outside in and appreciating the indoor, outdoor life which everyone is longing for, why don’t you consider this gray decking alternative? The ideal addition to your house so it is possible to expand your dining area or kitchen in your backyard, it is really the icing on the cake when it comes to finishing your gray hardwood floors!

If you fancy adopting the idea of gray hardwood floors in your house, why not come along to our showroom to look more carefully at the choices, or purchase some free samples on the internet? At the conclusion of the day, what do you have to lose? Grey wood flooring can transform your house to the designer area you are yearning for.

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